Wolf woman Alexa K launches new collection 


Wolf woman Alexa K launches new collection

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The link between wolves and the feminine spirit is celebrated in a new collection from designer Alexandra Elsener Kovacs who heads up high end accessories firm Alexa K.

The wolf, well known for its intelligence, integrity and independence, has long been an obsession for the Swiss-based designer whose company specialises in jewellery, silk scarves, leather handbags and perfumes, all carrying the wolf theme.

"Since drifting off to fairy-tales about wolves as a child, I’ve always felt a bond with wolves and now believe they embody the divine feminine spirit," Alexandra said. 

Alexa K's new wolf collection - embody the divine feminine spirit 

"It is for this reason that I launched my Wolf jewellery collection, which draws upon wolves and their close personality to the female kind - both are clever, strong, intuitive, driven by instincts and their love for their family."

The new collection has been warmly received by Alexa K clients.

 "Just received my two wolfy ear rings. They are very fashionable. Wore them at a tough meeting because I thought a bit of wolf spirit cannot hurt," one customer tweeted.


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