Winner: Design for Manufacture: CAD or Craft Skills - Victoria Barker


Benchpeg Award Winner: Design for Manufacture

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Benchpeg Awards 2016 Winner: Victoria Barker

This category invited entries to the competition which used either technology or hand craft skills to manufacture and create a high quality finished piece taking into account construction processes.

Judges took into consideration methodology of production, ease of manufacture and how the design would best translate when placed into production.

Victoria submitted a range of 2D CAD designs which the judges looked upon with merit when looking at the deigns of the pieces entered and the consideration given by the designer to production methods.

Victoria says of her inspiration and designs, “The somatic senses are as important to me as the optical. I always begin by exploring how the materials move and feel against the skin. I always want the jewels to feel as though they orbit, flow and cascade around the contours of the body. I often experiment with unexpected and daring ways of presenting gemstones. I think very carefully about colour palettes. Ongoing themes in my work include planets in orbit and the contours of desert landscapes. I am fascinated by the untamed energy of nature which carves sculptures into the sand and forges gemstones in the heart of volcanoes. I once heard classical literature described as news that remains news. It is the same for all art, if it is of the very best quality and craftsmanship it should endure the test of time. I have endeavoured to create future artefacts.”

About the Winner
Victoria is a Holts Academy Alumni from the CAD & Jewellery Manufacturing courses, and has a GEM-A diamond grading certificate. Her career has included working for the family business The Barker Gallery, investment banking and diamond retail. She is a previous resident of the Goldsmiths' Centre, London. Victoria has previously won four Goldsmiths' Craftsmanship & Design Awards, including a Silver Award for CAD designs. Her eligibility for the competition was that she recently set up her own business.


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