Winner: Design for Creativity, Innovation or Disruption
Shuming Chen 


Benchpeg Award Winner: Design for Creativity, Innovation or Disruption

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Benchpeg Awards 2016 Winner: Shuming Chen

Monitoring in the Dark Collection

This category invited entries which displayed design and or creativity in a disruptive manner to create a piece which is completely unique.

Judges considered all the entries and favoured those which displayed thinking outside of the box – those entries which displayed the most unconventional jewellery design. In their selection the judges really wanted to question the very nature of the meaning of jewellery and how it could project the best representation of future British jewellery design.

Shuming’s methodology of working attempts to combine daily life with the science technology of the future.

She says that she "exaggerates the issues that happen around us to envision what may happen in the future and investigate the effects of modern technology on people.

Her ‘Monitoring in the Dark’ collection is inspired by, "humans’ lack of freedom in today’s society, due to increasing surveillance. People cannot guarantee whether their privacy is protected anymore. This has resulted a series of functional eyepieces that simulate the compound eyes of insects."

The pieces were created with creative pattern and texture that were engraved on hand fabricated metal frames that contain layers of laser cut latex to create intriguing visual effects. This retro-futurist collection consists of brooches, rings, hand pieces and glasses.

About the Winner
Shuming Chen is a graduated of the BA Jewellery Design and Related Products course at Birmingham’s School of Jewellery, and she is currently studying on the Jewellery, Silversmithing and Related Products MA course there. Shuming was eligible for the competition because is is currently studying full time.


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