Wiltshire based Moleroda Finishing Systems put a shine on their brand new website


Wiltshire based Moleroda Finishing Systems put a shine on their brand new website

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2019 marks the start of a new era at Wiltshire based company Moleroda Finishing Systems, because they have recently launched their new www.polishingjewellery.co.uk website to enable online sales.

Moleroda Finishing Systems are a long established business which supply finishing systems to the jewellery trade, holding the UK’s largest felt and specialist polishing accessories. The south west based firm export to over 20 countries and manufacture polishing products in felt, diamond, wood, calicos, fine abrasive cloths, unitised material and abrasive non-woven nylon.

Although originally a jewellery specific supply based company, over the years the company has diversified and widened their market and expertise to include finishing solutions for the aerospace industry and a multitude of engineering trades. In consequence, they have an extensive range of tools which cross over mico and macro engineering industries to provide an extensive range of finishing systems which has seen this company’s range develop into something very unique.

The business’ most popular items are their in-house manufactured mounted nylon wheels used for satin finishing, which are made in a large range of sizes and grits. The company also make a huge range of felt products ranging from mounted felt tapers used to polish inside rings and mounted felt bobs in a whole spectrum of shapes. One extremely popular product is the mini stitched mop which the company say is growing massively in popularity.

Speaking for the firm, Amy Wallis, who is a trained jeweller herself, said

We have launched our new Polishingjewellery.co.uk website to specifically service the jewellery trade. Alongside our own products we stock a great range of equipment and consumables including compound. This includes popular brands including Foredom, Saeshin, Menzerna, Dialux, Edenta, Micromesh to name but a few. I welcome individuals to ask our advice to find the tools to suit their needs. This is the beauty of our business, we are very happy to share our knowledge.

When it comes to jewellery finish is everything, making or breaking the impact of your expertly fabricated piece. Moleroda cater for the most traditional techniques through to new trends in jewellery finishing. Drawn from their knowledge of other trades whose exacting standards demand the most precise finishes. 


Rebecca van Rooijen


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