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When Gold Goes Green - Ethical Gold and Sustainable Metals in Jewellery

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Jeweller Saskia Shutt believes that it is important that jewellers are aware of the origins of the materials used to create Jewellery. The planet is under threat from man-made activities and over-exploitation of natural resources which will take generations to resolve.

She has found that currently, there is an increasingly vocal demand for ‘green gold’ that comes from traceable, recycled precious metals, as well as a demand for ethical gold. There are only two non-profit organisations working to help produce ethical gold; Fairmined, and Fairtrade Gold.

Precious metals can be recycled, and this is something Saskia Shutt has done since the beginning of her career. Increasingly, much of her business focuses on remodelling customers’ existing jewellery: it’s a practice she has proposed to customers for at least 15 years. Unworn gold Jewellery can be taken apart, precious gemstones demounted, creating a completely new Jewellery piece. The unfashionable can be transformed and made wearable. In so doing, the sentimental value of a piece can be preserved or even enhanced. At the same time, this circular design reduces the impact upon the environment in many ways.

Saskia Shutt established her business in 1999. Since then, it has grown and shifted in many ways but some things, however, remain constant. She still delights in sitting at her workbench: here she is like an alchemist, fusing materials with emotions.

Sha says,“It doesn't seem like 20 years, when your passion is your career.”

She moved from Belgium to the UK, studying in Cambridge and Dundee but she started her business in London. She has exhibited her work at Meesterlijk in Amsterdam; at Belgian Art Design in Gent, at the Wiener Schmucktage in Vienna and this year at Artistar Jewels during the Milano Jewellery Week. Saskia now works and lives in Brussels creating bespoke jewellery


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