Astrology Jewellery still a Stellar-Seller, says WGSN Report


What can Jewellery Businesses Learn from the Celestial Trend?

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A recent report by WGSN, the leading experts in fashion forecasting, reveals that astrology themed fashion is going nowhere this year. Americans spent $2.2m on mystical services in 2018, according to research firm IBISWorld, while a Pew Research Centre survey of American adults released last year found that 37% of women and 20% of men said they believed in astrology.

According to the report, the rise in New Age spirituality has emerged as a result of anxiety. Political, societal, economic and environmental concerns leave us searching for meaning and control in our lives. 

Let’s face it though, the skies will never cease to be a source of inspiration. Icons such as the sun, moon and stars are universal. That which we can see, but not quite reach, are symbolic of aspiration and mystery.   

With Millennials making over 35,000 decisions a day (according to Microsoft), Zodiac based collections allegedly take the pressure of having to choose by having products align with horoscopes. Once seen as ‘kooky’, celestial marketing has moved its way into the mainstream, with giants such as Amazon and Spotify curating products and services by star-sign.

As well as capitalising on a growing interest in spirituality, a more general trend of ‘mood-based’ categorising, curating products and services by emotional response, is being drawn on. 

Key thinking points – How can Jewellery Brands use this Information?

Although the astrology trend is going nowhere, innovation is always key. Here are some key thinking points that you can use


  • Look to the Stars for Inspiration

Astrology continues to be popular, without a doubt. Interpreting the trend in creative ways, from marketing campaigns to physical displays, is a smart way to incorporate the trend in various areas of the business.

  • Faith is taking different forms.

Interest in spirituality is on the rise, whilst faith in religion continues to decline. Consumer appetites are hungry for all things mystical. Whilst Zodiac curations may not be ‘on brand’ for you, you may consider other, more original ways to incorporate this into your designs.

  • Think ‘Bigger Picture’

Spirituality, zodiac, astrology is all the rage right now, but to be ahead of the game it’s prudent to think about the ‘why’. People are increasingly feelings-focussed and looking for emotional meaning in their purchases. This is manifesting in this current celestial-obsession, but what where is it headed next?


Jessica Green


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