Weston Beamor team earns full set of Fairtrade Gold  certificates 


Weston Beamor team earns full set of Fairtrade certificates

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Weston Beamor have started 2018 with a flurry of activity with the entire customer service division earning their Fairtrade Gold Sales Ambassador Certificates of Accreditation.

Training for the certificates was prompted firstly by their award recently ‘Ethical Jewellery Business of the Year’ and also by the increasing curiosity among customers for a jewel's back story such as material origins and the supplier's trading practices.

So each member of the 12-strong customer facing team took to their computers and completed the Fairtrade Foundation’s online ‘Fairtrade Gold Sales Ambassador Certificate of Accreditation’ courses.

It means the team is familiar with how the Fairtrade Foundation operates and the increasing importance of Fairtrade gold provenance and the rules that govern its manufacture.

Weston Beamor, based in Birmingham, was one of the first UK manufacturing companies to be granted permission from the Fairtrade Foundation to manufacture in Fairtrade gold and making sure the entre team were qualified enhanced the company's expertise and integrity, said Ed Hole, Head of Bespoke CAD and 3D Printing.

Its going to be a good year for Weston Beamor's 12 strong customer services team who all earned their Faitrade Foundation Gold Certificates

“Manufacturing in Fairtrade Gold is a consistent growth area for Weston Beamor. Our customers are seeing real interest amongst their millennial consumers in the story behind their jewellery, material origins and ethics.”

“Having the whole team trained as ambassadors really helps our understanding of Fairtrade Gold and the difference it makes to the miners, their families and their communities, and will in turn benefit our customer service. Everyone has really enjoyed gaining their certification and we are all looking forward to passing on our knowledge to our clients.”


Kate Laven


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