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Welcoming A Bespoke Beauty: Vaessen | Walker

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March has arrived in all its glory and as Spring begins to sprinkle her beauty upon the world, new jewellery brand Vassen | Walker have planted their roots in the jewellery world; blossoming with their debut jewellery collection ALLORA.

Louise Vaessen-Walker is the creative and founding director behind the contemporary jewellery and tableware brand where her innovative collections have received much recognition both nationally and abroad. Louise has been commended in receiving a number of awards in both design and craftsmanship, most notably the London Assay Office Special Gold Award, and the 3D Innovative Technology Design Gold Award from The Goldsmiths’ Craft & Design Council.

The brand ethos of Vaessen | Walker is of high quality, handcrafted and innovative designs that express themes of minimal aesthetics and perceived ambiguity, whilst pushing the boundaries of processes and techniques, and using recycled and responsibly sourced materials.

With two facets to Louise’s design career, one of modern tableware design, the other contemporary jewellery – Louise approaches them both with the same vigor and passion.

My jewellery collections have allowed me to explore design and fashion, together with the human form. My latest work has taken a bold step in combining colour, materials and processes that aren’t usually associated with jewellery. The combination of pure, simple design, and unfamiliar techniques is a strong vein that runs throughout the brand.”

Louise’s tableware designs provoke questions and discussions as a consequence of their ambiguity, which in turn results in playfulness, enjoyment and excitement whether it be with the object itself, the meal being consumed or the company sharing the experience, or all of these at once.

Social dining and interaction with food fascinates me. My travels in Italy and their relationship with food and dining together has heavily inspired and influenced the concept and designs in my tableware collections”.

As a brand Vaessen | Walker not only has as keen focus on handmade skilled craftsmanship, but also customer experience, and our ethical responsibility.

“I feel it is important to be at the forefront of my brand, building good relationships with both suppliers and clients. One of the greatest pleasures of being a designer maker is working to commission. It is a truly exciting, special and rewarding opportunity to work with a client on a special design. It is also an important factor for us to work with trusted suppliers, so we know the quality of the materials we are working with, and that they have been sourced ethically and sustainably. I am very proud that Vaessen | Walker was endorsed at the beginning of 2016 to produce designs in Fairtrade Gold and Recycled Silver. I feel working ethically and responsibly is key to producing something well – it enriches the people at the original source of production, right up to the end client…as Charlie Chaplin said ‘we think too much, and feel too little’.”

ALLORA is the beautifully handcrafted debut jewellery collection inspired the subtle details found in Italian architecture and décor observed during Louise’s travels throughout Italy.

ALLORA signifies a purity of line and shape, alongside elements of subtle movement, creating an elegant and contemporary collection. 


Sarah Salmon


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