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Week One New Designers Award Winners Announced

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Bursting with ambition and radical ideas, New Designers 2019 unveils incredible new talent set to shape the design world of tomorrow. Over two weeks, and spanning every discipline in modern making, the event presents the work of more than 3,000 hand-picked design talents. Visitors to the show will discover disruptive new thinking, meet the pacesetters, and get a first look at our creative future.

The New Designers Awards brings together 1,500 handpicked designers in areas including textiles, fashion and costume, ceramics, contemporary design craft, and jewellery. Awards are presented to those with the most creative and forward-thinking work. Winners are awarded with a cash prize in addition to professional advice and paid work placements, giving them vital assistance in starting their career.

This year, Falmouth University graduate, Lauren Henry won the £1,500 Business Design Centre New Designer of the Year award. Her ‘See No Evil’ fabric collection is based around using metaphors to describe contemporary issues- from fake news to knife crime. 

The runner up prize was awarded to William Romeril, a silversmithing graduate from the University of the Creative Arts, Rochester, for ‘An over elaborate solution to a blunt pencil’, a meticulously hand-crafted and deliberately over-engineered solid silver pencil sharpener.

New Designers takes place at the Business Design Centre in London in two four-day parts. The first week covers Textiles & Fashion, Costume Design, Jewellery & Precious Metalwork, Ceramics & Glass, and Contemporary Design Crafts. Meanwhile, week two covers Furniture, Product & Industrial Design, Spacial Design and Interiors, Graphic Design, Illustration & Animation, Motion and Digital Arts.

Additional Award Recipients: 

New Designers Hallmark Studio Award
Winner: William Sharp, Glasgow School of Art
The Montieren Collection
A decorative jewellery collection built on modular systems and inspired by the Bauhaus and German product designer, Dieter Rams. The pieces are created from a 3D-printed sustainable plastic cast silver.
Judges’ comment: We loved William’s concept for its intelligence, interactivity and its sustainable responsibility.’

New Designers Kingfisher Design Talent Award

Harriet Jenkins, Glasgow School of Art, Momento Vivere
A 21-piece collection of tableware with a conspicuous function created in silver, enamel and porcelain. The work is inspired by the connection between people when they share food and the experience of eating

Judges’ comment:Harriet’s body of work shows great potential in her use of materials and technique. A unique take on traditional tablew are.’

New Designers Goldsmiths’ Company Jewellery Award
Eleanor Whitworth, Glasgow School of Art, 
Together Living
Wearable objects in gold and steel inspired by natural intricacies in the world and symbiotic relationships between organisms working together that normally go unnoticed – from lichen and ants to aphids and cleaner fish.

Judges’ comments: ‘An exemplary body of work that demonstrates a series of sensitive ideas and techniques and retains a wonderful sense of tactility.’


Rebecca van Rooijen


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