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Wearable Works of Art By Bibi van der Velden

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Conscious, adventurous and sculptural, that’s how Bibi describes her jewellery. Expressed by mixing gold, diamonds and semiprecious stones, with ostrich eggs, scarab wings, tahitian pearls and 40,000 year-old mammoth tusk.

Based in Amsterdam, Dutch designer Bibi, combines 18ct gold, precious stones, pearls and ‘objects trouvé’ within unique designs. Taking inspiration from her background as a sculptor, Bibi shows mastery in working with the elements and designing pieces around the natural shape of the stones or using rare materials such as 40,000 year old Mammoth Tooth, scarab wings and sustainable gold.

"My continuous search for new materials made me discover the beauty of imperfection. I’m embracing nature’s irregularity by using extraordinary, pure materials such as the most amazing baroque pearls and gems with inclusions - art pieces on their own. I try not to look at the obvious, I see nature in a broad sense. The feeling of an unknown world triggers me to look further. I’m a sculptor by profession and in my perception every jewellery piece is a miniature sculpture."

Pure craftmanship, nature and other cultures inspire her but true inspiration is to be found everywhere. The most smallest of details often stimulate Bibi to start a new collection. For example the marks on a tahitian pearl form a star in a galaxy seen on the surface of that pearl. Also, opals form the centre of a spacious ring by just being an opal.

"I believe real luxury is something powerful and compelling, something rare and special that isn’t ubiquitous. As a designer I try to tell the story of my pieces" says Bibi.

Being a co-founder of Auverture, Bibi helps to discover unusual luxury pieces and specialise in unique, designer fine jewellery, dreamt up by artists and brought to life by skilled craftspeople in under-the-radar ateliers and workshops, scattered across the globe. Bibi wants the wearer to understand how a piece of jewellery comes into being and she wants the wearer to work with a jeweller to create a personal piece that’s truly unique.

[All images sourced & coprighted to Bibi van der Velden]


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