Watch loving boxer Floyd Mayweather adds to his sumptuous collection 


Watch loving boxer Floyd Mayweather adds to his sumptuous collection

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Less than two months after forking out almost £14 million for a unique Jacob Arabo watch, the world's wealthiest sportsman and prolific watch lover Floyd Mayweather has made another couple of extravagant purchases to add to his diamond-encrusted custom collection.

In June, the boxing champion who last year reportedly earned around £230 million from a short 36 minute fight against another well known watch lover Conor McGregor, snapped up the now famous Billionaire Timepiece, featuring 260 carats of emerald cut diamonds.

Previously sponsored by Hublot, Mayweather, 41, whose nickname is 'Money' , has long been a fan of luxury bling and his latest two acqusitions, displayed on his Instagram channel, show he is running out of neither money nor 'taste'.

First off was a diamond and gold snake watch complete with four faces that wrapped around his arm and that was followed with a watch from Audemars Piguet, embellished with hundreds of diamonds, value unknown but believed to be worth millions.

These will be added to his formidable collection which gets a regular showing on his You Tube and other social media channels. Watch makers across the world will be setting their sights on capturing his bespangled imagination and his deep deep pockets.


Kate Laven


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