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The Art of Materials


Wallace Chan to feature in new documentary - The Art of Materials

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The latest documentary by award-winning director Martina Margaux Cozzi is a visually stimulating portrait of Hong Kong-based multidisciplinary artist Wallace Chan. 

”Although space is infinite, it is insignificant without material. Both time and space are measured by materials. If there’s no material, there is no time. If there’s no material, there’s no space either. It is only because of material, that time and space matter. It is only through growth, ageing and death that we feel the passage of time. It is only through our existence that we learn about space, the physical and spiritual space that we occupy or are occupied by” - Wallace Chan

Recognised as one of the greatest jewellery artists in the world, Wallace Chan began his artistic pursuit as a carver and sculptor in 1973. Wallace Chan - The Art of Materials chronicles the artist's very first large-scale titanium sculpture exhibition in Venice, Italy.

tribute to creation itself, the film delves into Chan's mind to uncover the intricate relationship between materials, time and space.



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