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Visual Capitalist:: Charting the Rise and Fall of the Global Luxury Goods Market

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The Visual Capatalist has reported on a post pandemic overview of the global luxury goods market predicting a decline in purchases.

The Rise and Fall of the Global Luxury Goods Market - the Executive Summary

Global demand for personal luxury goods has been steadily increasing for decades, resulting in an industry worth $308 billion in 2019.

However, the insatiable desire for consumers to own nice things was suddenly interrupted by the coming of COVID-19, and experts are predicting a brutal contraction of up to one-third of the current luxury good market size this year.

Will the industry bounce back? Or will it return as something noticeably different?

A Once Promising Trajectory

The global luxury goods market—which includes beauty, apparel, and accessories—has compounded at a 6% pace since the 1990s.

Recent years of growth in the personal luxury goods market can be mostly attributed to Chinese consumers. This geographic market accounted for 90% of total sales growth in 2019, followed by the Europe and the Americas.

Analysts suggest that China’s younger luxury goods consumers in particular have significant spending power, with an average spend of $6,000 (¥41,000) per person in pre-COVID times.

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Charting the Rise and Fall of the Global Luxury Goods Market by Katie Jones


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