Vanilla Ink Studios & Scott McIntyre to Create The Vanilla Ink Jewellery School


Vanilla Ink Launches Scottish Jewellery School

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Vanilla Ink Studios has teamed up with Goldsmith Scott McIntyre to create the Vanilla Ink Jewellery School; aimed at bridging the gap from education to industry, helping to shape and grow the jewellery trade across Scotland.

Glasgow based Vanilla Ink Studios want the new school to inspire, educate and empower the jewellery and silversmith industry by helping to mould the next generation of goldsmiths.

Just like any new and innovative idea, a helping hand unleashes the potential to soar to success. So Vanilla Ink Studios have also now launched a crowdfunding campaign where they hope that together with help they can enable the business idea to flourish. Their ethos lies in ensuring that the next generation of goldsmiths are equipped with the skills they need to ensure a strong jewellery business in Scotland for many years to come.  

The concept of the School is to improve on the existing model of the Vanilla Ink Studios, which already runs a programme of professional development sessions, one to one mentoring and access to a fully-equipped studio.  After three successful years of the programme, Vanilla Ink needs to grow and expand due to demand.

The team at Vanilla Ink have committed to a fantastic new space based in the famous Hidden Lane of Glasgow’s West End. Their doors will open at the end of May on the back of the success of their crowdfunding campaignthrough which they are asking for support to build the workshop.

Within the space they wish to work with a range of different communities and use making as a means to develop technical and soft skills, build confidence and learn about entrepreneurship.

"It became apparent not long in to my career that not everyone was blessed with the training I received. It was then I decided that what was most important was to pass my skills on. To train the next generation of jewellers; educating, inspiring and empowering them with the same opportunities that I was given." - Scott McIntyre, Lead Goldsmith & Director, Vanilla Ink Jewellery School. 

Vanilla Ink say they are passionate about the Scottish jewellery industry and believe that they can work together to build an open and supportive environment in order to shape the future of Scotland's creative industry.

Crowdfunding campaign

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