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Danish interchangeable jewellery brand Trollbeads has upped its game by building a highly interactive digital strategy that includes social influencers and brand ambassadors.

Recently hosting a first of its kind digital party and inviting one of the UK’s biggest bloggers to become the face of a new season collection, Trollbeads is working to engage a target market that may not shop solely in the conventional brick and mortar way.

2016 saw Trollbeads focus heavily on the consumer experience offered to its customer and how to continue driving sales. To strengthen its digital position, Trollbeads recruited renowned fashion and lifestyle blogger - Olivia Purvis from ‘What Olivia Did’ - to be the face of its introductory SAY HELLO... campaign. With a target of encouraging new fans to the brand, the campaign included a photo-shoot with Olivia styling the product, a series of blog posts and social media coverage from her accounts, as well as utilising her within digital advertising, Youtube videos and other marketing materials including a national advertising campaign in some of the UKs leading fashion magazines. A massive success, the project saw one of the concept stores making 8 out of 10 sales from the campaign during its span.

Having seen the positivity, growth in brand awareness and buzz around the SAY HELLO... campaign, Pam Aujla, UK Managing Director commented,

“When discussing the launch of our Winter Wonder collection, we decided to branch out from traditional ideas and move towards the world of bloggers, a direction that Trollbeads has seldom gone before. By creating an immersive Trollbeads event, complete with a lamp-worker making beads on the spot, we hoped to convey the work and craftsmanship that goes into every bead, the inspirations behind the collection and the passion behind the brand. On top of this, it allowed the customers we would love to invite into the Trollbeads world, the ability to see online influencers engaging with us in a way never before done.”  

Inviting 10 key bloggers with over 470,000 followers combined, Trollbeads opened up its world to those avid social users, who may not have seen them in traditional media. By allowing people at home to interact via a live stream as bloggers styled their favourite pieces and see personalised beads hand created by a lamp worker, Trollbeads offered a completely new way of engaging with a wave of potential collectors.

Working with Trollbeads for the past year, Facets PR Account Director of Fashion Brands, Becky Güth, commented,

“When Trollbeads came to us they had a very specific and well loved fan base, which included avid collectors and a generation who had grown up with Trollbeads. Wanting to compliment the incredible service the retailers were providing and welcoming in new customers in search of stylish pieces, whilst not alienating the current clientele, was always going to be challenging. Targeting a new Trollbeads era means reaching out to them on a digital level, working with today’s social influencers and making the shopping experience as digital savvy as possible. Bringing on board Olivia Purvis of ‘What Olivia Did’, opened up a new world for Trollbeads, showing a fashion conscious target market that their online influencers are wearing and styling Trollbeads pieces as part of their everyday wardrobe. Our decision to include bloggers, Instagrammers and digital creators into the Trollbeads world, means that appealing to everyone has never been easier.”

For 2017 Trollbeads is looking into further social collaboration opportunities and a continued outreach on all digital platforms. The brand will also be strengthening the tie between the social activities and retailers, creating a fully integrated strategy, which will see any digital campaigns also promoted in store.  


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