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Tradition re-imagined: Nadine Aysoy expands the Celeste Collection

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Chinese Tradition serves as the inspiration behind Nadine Aysoy's celebrated Celeste collection. Now, the addition of six new pieces, sees tradition re-imagined once again. 

Ushering in the Summer months, the new additions are sprinkled with gemstones in festival colours; blue, yellow and pink sapphires. The more light, petite designs see the wearer shed the larger, decadant styles favoured in the winter, in favour of embracing the carefree attitude of the summer.


The Celeste collection has been inspired by art, sculptures and ancient Chinese tradition, using smooth disks of White Jade, which signify harmony, courage and unconditional love; the stone is also said to have powerful healing energies that make challenges seem easier, and your troubled mind feel calmer.

Each circle of jade is set with splashes of coloured stones and adorned with delicate
diamond accents to create a talismanic effect. Each design is reminiscent of Chinese lucky
coins and represents a woman making her own luck and choosing her own road in life. Celeste is also skilfully interlinked with Nadine Aysoy’s other collections, having brought the brands beloved ‘Tsarina’ design inside each piece.

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