Donocik creates evocative deco inspired bridal collection


Tomasz Donocik launches long awaited bridal collection

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Tomasz Donocik has launched a new deco inspirec bridal collection which captures the streamlined elegance of his previous collections, inspired by the change of the early twentieth century and the modernity of the Art Deco movement.

Tomasz deconstructs his favourite aspects of Deco designs and then combines influences of the period which exudes his distinctive sensibility and captivating take that today’s bride-to-be desires.

Geometric lines of the architecture of that time—the zig zag shapes evocative of the Chrysler building in New York City and the sleekness of the new modes of transportation of the time are thoughtfully mixed with the glamorous chic of the Roaring 20’s, the jazz age and The Great Gatsby-like lavish parties in which women dressed with a new found freedom and wore diamonds that twinkled as they danced the night away.

Tomasz pays homage to these moments, while looking forward with a collection that exudes pure luxury styles that will fit in with the ever-evolving movement toward pieces that are relevant and contemporary yet contain elements of a storied past. Some of the names of the rings include, The Chrysler, The Speakeasy and the Grand Tiara.

The 'Moderne' bridal collection is available for a closer look at


Rebecca van Rooijen


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