Gecko unveils 'Alphabet' collection at Jewellery and Watch 2019


This time, it's personal: Gecko launch new Alphabet collection at Jewellery and Watch 2019

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Personalisation was one of 2018’s most popular trends, according to the Business of Fashion- and it doesn’t seem to be going anywhere this year as Gecko unveil their new ‘Alphabet collection’ at Jewellery and Watch event today. 

Consumers, now more than ever, seek to define themselves. With the emergence and prevalence of social media platforms, people no longer see themselves as just consumers, but producers also. Self-image has never been more important, nor has the idea of one’s own ‘personal brand’. 

The idea of creating ‘personalised’ items for those with the most popular names or initials is outdated, with a new wave of attention (rightfully) being brought to brands’ inclusivity across all industries. Previously, retailers have largely stuck with the ‘camels’ tradition; that is creating initialled products using the letters that spell out the word ‘c-a-m-e-l-s’, as these have been the most popular. However, Gecko’s new ‘Alphabet’ range includes all 26 letters of the English alphabet. 

Creative Director, Desiree Pringle, says: “Alphabet responds to the continuing consumer demand for personalisation, providing retailers with an easy option that also complements our existing, popular Birthstones range. We have created a very compelling product package with all 26 beautiful art-deco letters available in a contemporary point-of-sale unit, available at a very low price point. This is a range that has been designed to sell quickly and easily.  We want to provide retailers with as much confidence as possible that the ranges they buy into are going to sell. We are constantly reviewing the market to understand consumer demand and appetite. We’ve seen the resurgence in popularity of initials and, coupled with low retail price points and considered styling, we’re confident this range will join our existing best sellers.”


Jessica Green


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