The First Pieces in Fiona McAlear's Bloom collection are a Beautiful Bunch


This Autumn Yields Beautiful Garland Jewellery By Fiona McAlear

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Fiona McAlear’s obsession with flowers as adornments - from Ceasaresque wreaths to the wild floral hair arrangements of the flower-children of the 1960’s - is apparent throughout her body of work, with previous collections named Ivy, Garland and Forget-Me-Not. Her newest release ‘Pomona’, the first mini-series within the wider ‘BLOOM’ collection, is no exception. 

Dwelling in British Columbia, Canada over the past two years cemented McAlear’s affection for the beauty in nature. The timely collection Pomona, the Roman Goddess of Orchards, fruits and Gardens, and is particularly associated with the Autumn harvest. McAlear acknowledges that the collection was named for the tapestry woven by the famous Morris & Co, now held by the V&A.

Left: Pomona Tapestry, V&A Collection, Right: Photograph by Thomas Nowa.

Flower garlands are widely referenced within collection, a love affair that began when McAlear undertook a teaching residency in Nepal, where they are significantly mentioned in the opening of their own National Anthem The first line reads, "Woven from hundreds of flowers, we are one garland that's Nepali." She notes:

“Nepal is a such a special place and I feel very lucky to have been able to visit there. From the start the uses of flowers for good luck and ritual stuck with me, and an interest in how we as humans interact with flowers began. Vibrant bursts of colour, delicate layers, dried petals, fresh flowers, bold designs. All of these elements and more inspired me to think about my own ways of stringing flowers together.” 

The arrangements vary from sparse to dense, dainty to statement, offering different impacts. The jeweller’s use of different surface manipulation techniques, patination and Keum Boo, offer stunning tones and textures that change in depth with the light.

The coming year will be just a fruitful for Fiona McAlear Jewellery with the next instalment in the ‘BLOOM’ collection, called ‘Flora’, releasing in Spring 2020. You can also find her at the upcoming ‘The Holly + The Ivy’ Exhibition at the renowned Kath Libbert Gallery this Christmas (15 November – 5 January) as well as Yorkshire Artspace’s Open Studios event on the 16 & 17 November. 


You can find out more about Fiona McAlear Jewellery here:


Image of Pomona Tapestry property of V&A Collection

Photography by Thomas Nowa


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