The Scottish Goldsmiths Trust runs raffle


The Scottish Goldsmiths Trust raise funds through raffle

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The Scottish Goldsmiths Trust Raffle is an opportunity for the Incorporation of Goldsmiths to raise funds for its charitable work. As a small arts charity operating in the challenging times of the COVID-19 pandemic the Incorporation is now having to diversify and fundraise for all of its projects and programmes. This fundraiser, along with donations and grants, will support the work at The Scottish Goldsmiths Trust and help preserve it during this challenging year and for the future.

Funds raised through this raffle will be targeted to directly support Jewellers and Silversmiths at student and emerging maker level through three programmes: Precious Metal Grants, an annual grant given to each of the Scottish Art Colleges teaching Jewellery at HND level and above; the Ethical Making Pledge supporting transition to sustainable and responsible procurement of metals and workshop practice; and support for a reduced emerging maker stand cost at Elements.

The funds raised through this raffle will make an enormous difference in the work teh Incorporation undertake to protect, promote, and preserve the craft of Jewellery and Silversmithing in Scotland. The Incorporation are committed to providing students in Scotland with access to precious metals, and these funds will help to remove the barriers of expense for students of all economic backgrounds so they can continue to develop their skills.

The Incorporation are in awe of the immense generosity of those who have graciously donated items for this years’ raffle, with the retail value of all pieces estimated at more than £3,500. It is our goal to reach this value and beyond!

Tickets are now available for £10/ticket, and there is no limit on the number an individual can purchase. Each ticket is one entry to win one of 20+ items donated by professional, skilled makers from across the UK. Winners will be drawn at the closing event of Elements: A Festival of Jewellery, Silver and Gold on 8 November 2020. All winners will be contacted by e-mail the following week.

Click the button below to view the fundraiser on Chuffed.

Raffle entry closes on 8the November at 7.00pm


Rebecca van Rooijen


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