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The Royal College of Art’s Emerging Fashion Designer Show ‘All at Once’

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The Royal College of Art (RCA) will this year present its annual MA Fashion show – All At Once – an immersive event, followed the next day by a showroom made up of talks, walks and performances that investigate fashion as designed identities. The show is being held at the Cork Street Galleries, Mayfair, London 7 – 8 June, 2019.

All At Once will take the form of a large-scale, dynamic installation that will combine structural interventions, a diverse ensemble of 50 models; a spectral chess. This will form a live tableaux that demonstrates innovation in fashion from the RCA 2019.  Meanwhile in the subterranean galleries, visitors discover the RCA MA Fashion 2019 ‘server’, a spellbinding environment where individual designers demonstrate their thinking through film and image; the server that forms the avatars above.

And as a national climate emergency has been declared by the UK Parliament, All at Once, asks urgent questions that address the fashion industry’s impact on people and the planet. Students focus on creating new, wholly sustainable, materials based on bio-technology, found objects and gentle handmade pieces made using ancient craft techniques; equally looking to investigate the digital software that can ease our use, re-examine identity and form neo-design areas, systems and apparel,

‘The RCA MA Fashion 2019 cohort are the new wave of designers – they are deeply precise and precious about what they put into the world. They ask questions about gender, form and culture – in both the real world and digital. It’s a rallying cry against spiraling into a vortex of the disposable and counteracts rigid seasonal cycles in fashion.’
- Zowie Broach, Head of Fashion, RCA

All at Once brings together the work of over 50 students across MA Fashion Womenswear, Menswear, Knitwear, Footwear, Accessories & Millinery. Snapshot highlights include:

Laura Kraup Frandsen (MA Fashion Womenswear) will present no physical collection, but a protest:  proposal, debate, and a passionate cry for climate crisis.  As a member of Extinction Rebellion she confronted ideas of overconsumption and concluded that to be part of change she needed to take action against it, rather than add to it, or try to sell it.

Ben Osborn (MA Fashion Menswear) uses fragility and a sensitivity of touch with inspiration from Modernist architecture to create a broader language around masculinity. The collection includes hand-made fastenings created in collaboration with Bronte Schwier (MA Jewellery & Metal).

Lucy Barlow (MA Footwear, Accessories & Millinery) creates tall, proud hats that today double as life-jackets and pillows inspired by the Jamaican dancehalls of the late 1970s. Lucy worked under the couture milliner Jean Barthet in the eighties, where she created hats for Claude Montana and YSL. This interweaves a powerful archival history into her process.

Clara Chu (MA Footwear, Accessories & Millinery) is eager to transform the everyday object commonly known as Tupperware. Living in the world of mass-consumption and production, she has turned homeware appliances and kitchenware such as ice-cube trays, cupcake moulds and rubber jar openers into a humorous collection of accessories such as belts and handbags. The contrast of the hand-craft with mass-production creates something that is oddly beautiful, highly desirable and often edible!

Karoline Vitto (MA Fashion Womenswear) celebrates the fleshy parts of the female body that women are normally encouraged to hide. Her starting point was a Brazilian waist-clincher that she used to investigate how the body can be re-framed in different ways by accentuating or moving the flesh.

Piero D’Angelo (MA Fashion Womenswear) uses biotechnology – a living organism called a slime mould – to explore how the human body could evolve in the future.

Timothée Glieze  (MA Fashion Womenswear) is working in a new era of digital design. Inspired by a mix of his own heritage, he combines the use of contemporary and traditional fabrics in his design process.

All at Once showroom (all welcome)


11.00– 17.00, Saturday 8 June 2019


Cork Street Galleries



Rebecca van Rooijen


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