The New Original Collection by Hublot & Ferrari 2017


The New Original Collection: Designed by Ferrari, Crafted by Hublot

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To celebrate Ferrari's 70th anniversary, the Italian marque and its partner Hublot are presenting a
new original collection.

Conceived with the same approachused fordesigning a carat theFerrari Design Centreandintegrating Hublot's watchmaking expertise, the Techframe Ferrari 70 years TourbillonChronographopens a new chapter in the partnership that unites Hublot and Ferrari. The Techframe Ferrari 70 Years is available in three versions-King Gold,PEEKCarbon, and Titanium-each of which is produced in 70 limited editions.It is destined to be acollector's item.

This is the principle that prevailed for the design and perfecting of the new Techframe Ferrari 70 Years Tourbillon Chronograph. A team effort that began with Ferrari in Maranello and ended in Nyon with Hublot.  This new line in Hublot's collections is intended to offer a watch that is deeply rooted in Ferrari's DNA-combining strength, performance and agility-while being produced and perfected by the Hublot manufacture. A perfect fusion of the automotive and watchmaking worlds. 

Watch the creative fusion of Hublot Craftmanship & Ferrari Design with the Tourbillon Techframe Chronograph below

The FerrariDesign Approach 

Created and designed by Ferrari, under the leadership of Head of Design Flavio Manzoni, the new Techframe Ferrari 70 Years Tourbillon Chronograph is like one of the super cars produced in Maranello. And with good reason: this watch was designed by Ferrari using the same creative processes as that used to develop a new sports car. The starting point for the designers was the Hublot movement-the "engine" of the watch-around which they freely designed a high performance chassis. Like that of a Ferrari, its lattice structure-that is unique in the world of watchmaking-offers maximum strength for minimal weight. 

"The styling of the Techframe Ferrari 70 Years Tourbillon Chronograph underlines the performances of the watch and no component is there by chance"explains Flavio Manzoni.

Thus, the black structure on the dial holds the chronograph counters and offers excellent legibility. The crown at 4 o'clock -raised by a black PVD Titanium insert decorated with the famous Prancing Horse-reduces the size of the watch to the greatest possible extent, and increases its aerodynamic look. Finally, the red push-button is strategically placed to facilitate its use-even when driving-and makes the design more ergonomic. 

The fruit of an intense and unique collaboration between car designers and a fine watchmaking manufacture, the sleek Techframe Ferrari signals a new era in the partnership between Ferrari and Hublot. Produced in three versions-King Gold, PEEK Carbon, and Titanium-each in 70 limited editions, this new timepiece is already a collector's item.


Sarah Salmon


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