The New Heirloom: Pyrrha Jewellery Gift Guide

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The yearly search for a memorable holiday gift – one that will be kept, worn, and talked about for years to come – ends here.

Perfect for family, new loves, old loves, friends, and mentors, there is a Pyrrha talisman to represent and celebrate each and every relationship. 

Why Pyrrha?

  • Inspired by wax seals and imagery from the Victorian era
  • Handcrafted and cast in reclaimed sterling silver, bronze, and 14K gold
  • Comes with a hand-torn meaning card detailing the jewelry’s unique and symbolic significance culled from heraldry
  • A certified B Corporation due to its commitment to sustainable practices
  • Currently seen on the big screen in Star Trek Beyond on Doctor ‘Bones’ McCoy
  • Given as gifts to Jennifer Lawrence, Brad Pitt, Jeremy Renner, Rooney Mara, Nicole Kidman, and Jennifer Garner
  • Notable collaborations with HBO’s Game of Thrones and Liberty London

 The jewelry can be purchased online at, at Pyrrha’s flagship store in LA and leading boutiques around the world. 

Signature Talisman Necklaces

With more than 300 unique styles to select from, customers can shop by meaning, theme, style, or collection. Available in sterling silver, bronze, and 14K gold. Explore adding a diamond set to your chosen talisman.

New 14K Rings & Bangles

A more delicate and precious metal. Ideal for stacking and available with a wide variety of symbols and talismans.

Charm Holder Necklaces & Charms

The perfect alternative to a classic chain, charm holders allow the gift giver to build a personalized charm stack with any Petite Talisman or charms of choice. Also available in sterling silver and bronze, charm holders serve as the foundation for gift ideas in the future.

Men’s Bracelets & Cufflinks

Men and jewelry is tricky, but Pyrrha’s Men’s Collection is approachable and wearable, all while facilitating personal style. The new braided wrap bracelets make a casual, everyday statement and are available in eight different talismans. Classic cufflinks are still a Pyrrha customer favourite gift, year after year.

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