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The Hidden Garden Collection by Sarah Ho

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Multi award-winning Sarah Ho, has reported a successful show at Vicenzaoro in January. She showcased her next into the realm of high jewellery in The Design Room, a new concept area for the show featuring 12 international jewellery designers and was a destination for press and retailers alike.

“The show was very successful for us. We met international retailers from a number of countries including Japan, Russia, and Mainland Europe, opening new international accounts at the show. The Hidden Garden masterpieces were admired and revered by both retailers and the press alike and we have a number of positive avenues to pursue. The international press visitors were particularly drawn to the new High Jewellery pieces with the most interest in the Jade Collection and pieces that featured Conch Pearls” explained Sarah.

The ‘Hidden Garden Collection’  takes its inspiration from beautiful flowers that hold a personal special meaning for Sarah. From the lily that always graced her childhood home to the peony from her wedding bouquet. The delicate shapes and colours take their form in fine lines of metal and precious gemstones personally selected and treasured by Sarah.

2016 was a particularly successful year with a number of international collaborations and the launch of the ‘Hidden Garden Collection’, a celebration of Sarah’s second chapter into high jewellery.

The Persica Suite is the centrepiece of the ‘Hidden Garden Collection’, where Sarah returned to her love of the Art Deco period for inspiration, researched botanical illustrations of peach blossoms (Prunus Persica) and Chinese decorative arts of ‘flora and fauna’, which she has captured in her signature design.  

The Suite is crafted in 18ct white gold with conch pearls, diamonds and South Sea Pearls with matching necklace, earrings and ring.

"It took over 2 years to source the rare triangle shaped Conch Pearls in the Suite, which allows fluid lines to echo the unique shapes of the rarest pearl that becomes the hero in each jewel.” 

The peony’s lush, full, rounded bloom inspired the intricate design of dazzling colour combinations, and exceptional stones endowed with a spiritual quality. 

The Peony Dawn, with its warm hues of rose gold, metallic bronze pearls and dusty pink opals set in 18ct rose gold represent sunrise with tiny emerald accents while the shape draws inspiration from the conch pearl earrings that Sarah designed last year.

The Peony Dusk takes the cool hues of the chalcedony and sapphires and they merge with the delicate shape of petals, and the frosted pearl that represents the silvery moon in the dusk of night set in 18ct white gold.

“The opals were cut specifically for each piece, allowing the rare and hard to source bronze pearls to act as the cornerstone amongst petals pierced with our signature monogram shape”

The Pumila Suite

The illustrious provenance of the Pumila Earrings and Ring break the strict rules of geometry and play with perspective, transforming the ornamental leaf into emeralds, baguette cut diamonds set in 18ct white gold that combine exceptional design  and the distinctive nature of the materials with craftsmanship that gives each organically-shaped piece a timeless form.

The Lily Suites

The Lily Suite draws inspiration from lily pads found in decorative arts and botanical illustrations of the lily, a flower that represents humility and devotion.

This collection comes in three colour ways, the Lily Rose, Lily Blush and Lily Blue.

The Lily Rose Earrings cascade in delicate chains of 18ct white gold, while rubelites sit within an intricate cradle the conjures up the hedonistic glamour of the Art-Deco period. Emerald and baguette diamonds accent the graduation of the theatre of movement beneath a stone that retains its true colour in natural and artificial light. There is a matching ring.

The Lily Rose Cocktail Ring’s generous proportions echo with a similar motif as the earrings, allowing the exceptional beauty of the rubelite to act as a centrepiece, while square-cut emeralds and diamonds act as a bold contrast which intensifies the rubelites rose coloured hue.

“The lily holds a special place in my heart as it reminds me of my time growing up in Macau”
said Sarah.

The Lily Blush Earrings and Ring  are set with pear-shaped morganites, diamonds and cultured seed pearls.  The Lily Blush Earrings also have delicate chains that fold behind the feminine motif which illustrates Sarah’s abstract homage to the inspiration. The Lily Blue Earrings are set with beautiful pear shaped aquamarines surrounded by diamonds and sapphires.


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