The Goldsmiths' Fair 2017 Graduate Bursary Scheme


The Goldsmiths’ Fair 2017 Graduate Bursary Scheme selects exciting new talent

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Goldsmiths’ Fair, the UK’s leading destination to buy original precious metal jewellery and contemporary silver direct from the makers, has announced this year's  graduate exhibitors.

The Fair is the foremost platform to launch the careers of emerging precious metal designer-makers and these 10 exhibitors have promising futures. 

Jewellery graduates:

  • Evgeniia Balashova  explores  repetition, movement and the manipulation of grids through her high-tech geometric pieces.
  • Margaux Clavel  handcrafts precious metal resembling  cut gemstones.
  • Stephanie Holt creates distinctive rings, cleverly bringing together precious and non-precious elements.
  • Elizabeth Terzza makes delicate work inspired by plant life. 

 Silversmithing graduates: 

  • Errin Chenoa Quinn  uses folded  silver with sweeping lines to reflec t the openness of structures.
  • Imogen Clarkstone  makes angular containers incorporating wooden elements as an extension and contrast to the metalwork.
  • Jessica Jue  hand raises  pieces exploring movement and rhythm.
  • Melissa Montague applies hammer marks as highlights to her  functional pieces.
  • Dominic Simon  hand engraves  organic forms on his geometric constructions.
  • Naomi Scott incorporates fabric-like folds into her silver. 

As part of theGraduate Bursary Scheme,  recipients  four jewellers and six silversmiths – are granted a: 

  • Free stand at Goldsmiths’ Fair 2017
  • Bursary of £1,500
  • Bullion loan of up to £3,000
  • Personalised business and technical mentoring programme managed by the Goldsmiths’ Centre, the country’s leading charity for the professional training of goldsmiths and silversmiths. 

 Goldsmiths’ Fair Director, David Mills,  commented:

“We are delighted to support the best emerging talent. The Fair’s graduate exhibitors are the UK’s next generation of jewellery and silversmithing stars.” 

Event Schedule:

Week One 

26 September – 1 October 

Margaux Clavel (Stand 14)  
Stephanie Holt (Stand 9)  
Melissa Montague (Stand 41)  
Errin Chenoa Quinn (Stand 33)  
Naomi Scott (Stand 38)  

Week Two 
3 – 8 October  

Evgeniia Balashova (Stand 9)  
Imogen Clarkstone (Stand 15)  
Jessica Jue (Stand 41)  
Dominic Simon (Stand 33)  
Elizabeth Terzza (Stand 3)


Sarah Salmon


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