The Goldsmiths' Company Studio Internship Graduate Award Now Open


Goldsmiths’ Company’s Studio Internship Graduate Award

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The Goldsmiths’ Company's Studio Internship Graduate Award (SIGA), open to recent graduates - within five years of graduation - aims to enhance the skills of the next generation of silversmiths. 

Recipients are given the opportunity to train with the country’s leading silversmiths and receive funding to exhibit new work at a Goldsmiths’ Centre group show from 5-12 September 2017. The current SIGA recipients are Patrick Davison, Hamish Dobbie, Errin Quinn and Dominic Simon.

There are two parts to SIGA training - eight weeks honing general silversmithing skills with a renowned silversmith, followed by eight weeks learning a particular skill with an industry specialist. Both Hamish Dobbie and Errin Quinn have started their first part of training under the tutelage of Michael Lloyd and Clive Burr respectively.

Hamish says

"While working with Michael Lloyd, I've been further developing chasing, a technique I used in my first pieces of silversmithing. With Michael's guidance and wealth of knowledge, I'm using new skills and processes to work the metal into shapes I didn't think were possible with hammering alone."

Errin, who has just started training under Clive Burr, confides

"So far the most exciting part is being able to enjoy the wide range of tools, machinery and expertise that Clive has to offer. Being able to learn and have the space to focus on my chosen techniques is proving invaluable."

Having completed general silversmithing training with Rod Kelly, Dominic is now practicing engraving under the tutelage of Emmett Smith at R H Wilkins. Dominic states:

"I've recently started the second placement with Emmet Smith and his team at R. H. Wilkins after a superb first placement with Rod Kelly. I'm particularly excited to be learning hand engraving - this is a chance to observe and practice with the masters of this decorative technique. The entire scheme has a been a fantastic challenge and a learning curve."

Patrick Davison completed his general silversmithing training with silversmith Rauni Higson and is now focusing on engraving with Angus McFadyen. Patrick claims

"I've found the opportunity to spend a long period of time focusing on a specific technique or process extremely beneficial. It has been a chance to generate a more sensitive contact with the material, develop a heightened focus on the process that I apply, and refine the details in finished work."

Rauni Higson, Chair of Contemporary British Silversmiths and Liveryman of the Goldsmiths' Company, comments:

"Training to be a silversmith may take a lifetime, but nothing beats solid, concentrated workshop tuition to enable a great leap forward for young silversmiths. SIGA provides an opportunity to really get stuck in to some challenging projects, and there is no substitute for experience."


Sarah Salmon


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