'GeoGems' wins Benchpeg Christmas Tree Decoration Competition


The 2017 ‘GeoGems’ Benchpeg Christmas Decoration Designed by Kate Dugmore

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This Autumn Benchpeg launched a competition open to Birmingham School of Jewellery students and alumni to design our annual Christmas Tree Decoration.

We had some innovative, thoughtful and creative designs submitted in response to the quite constrained brief, but the winner selected by the Benchpeg team, was designed by Kate Dugmore.

The design entitled ‘GeoGems’ has the illusion of shattered facets within a diamond form, which is both contemporary and challenging.

Benchpeg creates a limited edition Christmas Tree Decoration each year, and Benchpeg’s Founder Rebecca van Rooijen wanted to open up the opportunity to design the decoration this year to a student, allowing the opportunity for a bit of publicity and to display their creativity and design skills to the Benchpeg readership which now stands at nearly 10,000 weekly newsletter subscribers.

Winner Kate worked as a Jewellery Designer for 16 years after graduating from the School of Jewellery in the year 2000. She specialised in designing for mass production selling to the high street. In April this year Kate started her own business Bloom Jewellery. She is currently based at the School of Jewellery again, this time as an Artist in Residence and is concurrently studying on the Design for Industry course.

Benchpeg’s Editor, Rebecca van Rooijen commented on Kate’s design, “I am thrilled with the design which Kate came up with, it encapsulates for us this year our 10 year anniversary, our re-branding exercise, and sums up a very busy year with a lovely Christmassy feeling entwined in the form of a diamond, which is aligned perfectly with our new branding.”

Kate Dugmore’s design will feature on the Benchpeg corporate Christmas card with full credit, on the Benchpeg website and will be created as a 2D decoration which will be sent out to Benchpeg trade and industry friends. Kate wins a cash prize too.



Rebecca van Rooijen


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