Porcelain Jewellery that's Good Enough to Eat


Sweet Ceramic Jewellery with Rebecca Wilson

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It’s that time of Year when resolutions are rife, and many of us try, successfully or not so much, to give up our vices. The good news is, if you’re craving sugar, you’re in for a treat. Rebecca Wilson is a ceramicist who is venturing into jewellery, her whimsical designs are sugar-spun into cool confectionary. 

Living and working near Edinburgh and Scotland, Rebecca comes from a background in ceramics and has recently introduced jewellery and wearables to her collection. She has exhibited extensively in the UK and abroad, most notably at COLLECT in the Saatchi Gallery, London, SOFA in Chicago, JOYA in Barcelona and Sieraad in Amsterdam in recent years. Her most recent collections were developed with research and development funding from Creative Scotland. 

Wilson's collection of retro sweets explores Ideas of functionality and value, by creating humble 'penny' sweets using higher value materials, the wearer re-evaluates the perceived value in life's simple pleasures.

Slipcasting, a factory process that has been in use for the mass production of ceramics for centuries, is used in a scaled down and intimate way to create short runs of multiples in porcelain, echoing the factory production of the subject matter. 

Finishing details are added by hand using sugar craft tools, piping bags, and techniques borrowed from cake decorating and artisan patisserie. Pastel tones derived from the sticky opacity of fruity chews, marshmallows and foams are achieved through a combination of softly coloured porcelain and carefully matched gemstones. Nuggets of cast porcelain and oversized gems are wrapped up in silver bezel settings and arranged in a collaged pick ‘n’ mix of pleasurable extravagance.

Find out more about Rebecca Wilson: https://rebeccawilsonceramics.com/

Photography by Susan Castillo


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