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Student takes inspiration from lillies to win Alba Rose design competition

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British Academy of Jewellery student Olivia Thurlwell took the Calla lilly as her inspiration for the design of a new bridal collection to win the BAJ's Final Project Design competition backed by Alba Rose.

The talented final year student was praised by judges for her designs, which were part of a project to design, develop and create a unique bridal collection which appealed to Alba Rose's target audience.

Every Level 3 DJP features a live final project where the students are asked to work to a professional brief. The main objective of the project was to design pieces that can be customised online by the customer in any metal and stone combination with the winning collection displayed online and rendered in multiple options allowing the client to customise the piece to their own specification.

For the designs, students were asked to focus on creating an Engagement Ring together with a matching wedding band (His and Hers).


High standards

Ryan Edkins of Alba Rose said, “Olivia’s final product matched our brand the best, and the final piece was finished ready for production, I feel her presentation deserved the winning title. 
"That said, I was very impressed by the standard of work presented, and all 6 candidates should be very pleased with their presentation, it’s clear that they will have a good career in the industry and have gained some very good skills on the course.
"I’d like to thank all the candidates for putting forward their presentations, it was great to see the high quality of work that has been produced.”

“The collection I have designed has been heavily inspired by organic architecture and forms," said Thurlwell.

"In particular from the late architect Dame Zaha Hadid. My designs have also been inspired by Calla lilies, often used in weddings, which in my personal opinion are one of the most beautiful flowers with a unique form which made it so exciting to create from. 

"For my male wedding band I have kept the similar theme of using organic flowing forms, also included inspiration from robust sculptures. Keeping the feminine flow to the ring with the convex gold-plated detail, and also a masculine touch with the strong profile”. 

Amazing opportunity

Stephen Barnett, senior Lecturer at BAJ added. “As a tutor at the academy, I am always very proud to see our students taking their first steps into the Professional jewellery industry and am particularly happy to see the support that Ryan and the team at Alba Rose have been willing to give to support our students through this collaborative project. 

"This is an amazing opportunity for Olivia to work with a major UK Retailer and gives her an invaluable experience of how the Jewellery industry works from the inside”.

Olivia’s designs will now be produced for sale in Alba Rose’s Bluewater 


Rebecca van Rooijen


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