Stella & Dot: Covet Collection


Stella & Dot: Covet Collection

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Stella & Dot, the global social-selling accessories brand have launched the Covet Collection, a new line of fine jewellery, luxury handbags and wallets to bring together a sense of bold and passionate style this fall/winter.

The Covet Collection blends timeless beauty with unmistakable quality, and understated luxury with timeless silhouettes.

The necklaces feature 14k gold and hand set diamonds (ethical and conflict-free) at highly competitive price points. The chain is custom developed and produced in the U.S. and can be worn at 4 different lengths.

The Covet collection is a unique selection of everyday essentials, timeless elegance designed with a fresh perspective. Bespoke details, fine materials and exquisite craftsmanship is curated through every piece of the collection bringing together a sense of style, passion and empowerment that Stella & Dot promote through their jewellery ethos.


Sarah Salmon


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