Stars 'rock' up at royal wedding


Stars 'rock' up at royal wedding

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All eyes were on the glamorous outfits yet the fiery brilliance of the rocks hanging off fingers, necks and ears at Meghan Markle's wedding to Prince Harry was more than a match for the day's dazzling sunshine.

As well as the bride's own jewels, namely the pair of Cartier 18-carat diamond earrings, the £100,000 10.11 carat bracelet (with over 150 individual diamonds) and the gorgeous diamond and platinum Queen Mary Tiara, there were diamonds and pearls galore among the 600 guests, many of them designed by celebrity jeweller Lorraine Schwartz who since 2002, when Halle Berry first wore her diamond-fringed necklace on the red carpet, has become the go-to designer for drop-dead diamonds. 

Amal Clooney is a fan and amid a golden glow, created by her stunning yellow Stella McCartney dress managed to draw attention to a pair of 17 carat pear-shape drop diamond earrings designed and made by Schwarz, which were exquisite.  UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador and Indian actor Priyanka Chopra is another Schwarz  devotee - wearing 18-carat gold-and-diamond lightning bolt earrings and diamond rings. Oprah Winfrey was also diamond studded with diamond drop earrings and a diamond ring.

Oprah Winfrey sparkles with diamond earrings

Lady Kitty Spencer,  Princess Diana's niece, clearly likes a diamond, especially a Bulgari one. Her choice for the big day was a platinum-and-yellow gold Bulgari necklace with 14 yellow diamonds and 112 diamonds, plus a diamond ring and diamond studs from Bulgari's high jewelry collection. Her sister Lady Amelia and mum Victoria Lockwood were also Bulgari bedecked.

The Queen chose a spectacular diamond-and-pearl brooch, a pair of pearl stud earrings and a multi-strand pearl necklace

One imagines the Queen had quite a job deciding which pieces from her vast collection of jewellery would be chosen for this special occasion. She plumped for a spectacular diamond-and-pearl brooch, a pair of pearl stud earrings and a multi-strand pearl necklace which was a perfect choice to go with  her lemon lime coloured outfit.

Tennis queen Serena Williams had her pick of the Bulgari Heritage collection by the look of it. A vintage necklace featuring Roman Imperial silver, gold and bronze coins and pavé diamonds from 1975. There was also an art deco style Dolce Vita Ribbon brooch with gold and diamonds dating back to 1952. Her jewels may not have been contemporary but Williams' look most certainly was.

And of course there were the Solid Gold Disc Bracelets that were handed out to Meghan's besties, six of them as well as her sister in law Kate Middleton as thank you gifts.  California-based jeweller Lisette Polny of Zofia Day had been asked to make the bracelets, which are named The Kensington and which are available to buy for £335. Polny was also asked to design necklaces, named the Windsor Heart Pendant Necklace and the Charlotte Bow Necklace  for Meghan's two goddaughters and bridesmaids, Rylan and Remi Litt. These too can now be purchased.

Eagle-eyed royal watchers honed in on a brand new mega rock sported by the Duchess of Cambridge. It has become customary for her husband to bestow on her a sizeable gem after she has begat him another heir to the throne and this large citrine rock is believed to be the latest in the series following a pair of lavender amethyst oval-drop earrings after Charlotte was born and a diamond eternity ring from Annoushka and diamond flower brooch after the birth of George.


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