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Star Studded: iKuria Announces Launch of New Collection

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London-based fine jewellery brand iKuria has announced the launch of its new collection 'Star Studded'. 

The collection is inspired by events including the passing of David Bowie.  

“The collection was inspired by David Bowie. I was in a state of shock when I learnt he had passed away and so was my brother in Japan. Then I started to realise how a global icon like him continues to live even after their passing,” said Ikuko Kurahone, the designer and founder of the brand. “The collection is a tribute to him from a humble small jewellery designer.” 

In addition, design inspiration for the collection came from space-related events such as the discovery of gravitational waves, British astronaut Tim Peake’s mission, and the latest blockbuster space adventure movies, Ikuko says.  

Star Studded features colourful Tahitian, South Sea, Akoya and freshwater pearls, and uses the same signature style as her earlier Laika collection to wrap pearls with diamonds and gold.   
To take the design to the next stage, this Star Studded jewellery is accentuated with playful, futuristic graphical twists.


Sarah Salmon


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