IJL Trend Forecast: Spring/Summer 2017


Spring/Summer 2017 Trends: Revealed at IJL

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IJL 2016 delivered an in-depth preview of the latest and most important jewellery trends for Spring Summer 2017. Visitors enjoyed the catwalk shows, which showcased the key looks selected by IJL’S trend partner, Adorn Insight. Adorn Insight's Spring Summer 2017 jewellery trends were showcased on the IJL Catwalk alongside more than 500 exhibitors who also presented their take on the key looks for 2017.

Sam Willoughby, IJL Event Director, commented: “The designers and brands at IJL really do have their fingers on the trend pulse – from the Bright Young Gems and Kick Starters and Design Gallery to the Designer Brands, Fine Jewellery and Super brands. Many of these collections will star in the daily Catwalk shows and I know buyers will leave IJL 2016 confident that they have seen the most cutting edge, trend setting jewellery for the coming year.”

The Catwalk
The inspirational Catwalk shows highlighted four distinct trends, showcasing the most stunning on-trend pieces to be found at the show featuring the new uniquely themed bridal scene finale.

The Trends
Trend analysis agency Adorn Insight have identified four key themes as especially key to the jewellery sector for Spring/Summer 2017 - Graphic Punch, Craft Tech, Nu Form, Vintage Selfie - and, along with bridal trends, A Moment in Time, are illustrated below by some of the highlight designers and brands at this year’s show.

Graphic Punch
Bold, candy colours and graphic shapes create loud statement pieces that break all the rules. Experiment with peculiar pairings, exaggerated forms, coloured enamel, textured metal and bold gems.

Craft Tech
Inspired by innovation in manufacturing and materials with a nod to stylish sustainability. Skilfully crafted machine-made structures sit alongside re-cycled and up-scaled elements. Embrace ethical applications, 3D-printing, super faceting and new alloys.

Nu Form
Strong architectural references are juxtaposed with organic, flowing design. Smooth lines are interrupted by breaks and circles contrasted with squares. Colours are simple and metallics are key especially when paired with semi-precious stones and coloured pearls.

Vintage Selfie
Vintage selfie is all about reworked vintage styles and customizable design. Multi-layered jewels and convertible pieces encourage self-expression and creativity. Charms, slogans and motifs provide a resource for individualism and sentimentality. ‘Collect and Keep’ are the buzz words here and provide an opportunity for woven metals, chain cascades, carved stones, resins, coins and medallions to come into their own.

Moment In Time
From classic and understated to the bold and ornate; engagement rings, eternity rings, ‘something blue’ to statement pieces. Classic with a modern twist, Moments in Time showcases stand-alone heirloom designs that promise to have and to hold.


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