Spanner & Wingnut: Jewellery With a Luxury Edge


Spanner & Wingnut: The Organic Edge of Jewellery Luxury

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Anneka Moore studied Jewellery Design at London's Central St. Martins, before embarking on an adventure through the fashion industry to finally end up with her bold and beautiful jewellery brand, Spanner & Wingnut, as shown at London Fashion Week recently.

Now based in the Goldsmiths Centre surrounded by skilled craftsmen, Anneka draws inspiration from her beloved London, and all things fashionable and organic. This, combined with traditional manufacturing techniques and precious materials, promises to deliver wearable, luxurious and aesthetic jewellery.

Spanner & Wingnut offers a bespoke service too, specialising in engagement and wedding rings.

Sourcing inspiration from birds talons, scorpions stings, surrounding architecture, and all things organic and flowing, Anneka Moore creates jewellery with an androgyny edge, keeping luxury and indulgence in mind.

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