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Sian Evans Second Aluminium collection, Pars Pro Toto, Crosses the Boundaries of Art, Design and Fashion

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Sian Evans is an award-winning British Jewellery designer, living and working in London. Her new collection, Pars Pro Toto, was launched at Paris Fashion Week last year to wide acclaim. 

Sian’s love of archaeology, fashion, nature and technology; the history of tools and materials have informed her collections since she started her creative practice. Sian Evans Jewellery was first established in 1986, developing into an international label during the 1990s. 

Sian is a lapsed fossil collector, brought up on the Jurassic coast in Dorset where she studied Geology. She has created pieces which are reminiscent of microscopic fossils, diatoms and single celled organisms. Looking at the collection laid out in a museum case the connections are clear, individually 

the pieces are surreal little works of art, hinting at works by modernist artists. The colours are created using anodised Aluminium giving Sian the scope to use any colour she fancies. Anodising Aluminium is a difficult and complex industrial process to master as an artisanal process. All the anodising is done in house in a purpose build lab. It has taken months of research to develop. The lightness of Aluminium allows Sian room to play with scale and here are some unusually large hoops and stud earrings in the collection.

Pars Pro Toto will develop further, this season bangles were added to the roster, collars and necklaces will come next.

Sian’s aluminium collections Botany and Pars Pro Toto are currently sold to art galleries and collectors, and to fashion boutiques, crossing the boundary between art, design and fashion.

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