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Christmas Shine with Andrew Geoghegan

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Yet again Andrew Geoghegan has presented the luxury consumer with a well heeled choice of delectable jewels this Christmas.

The designer has curated his collections to provide a seasonal choice for the most magical time of year.

For the cocktail season his flamboyant ode to Versailles, the Chapiteau Paraiba, with its lavish flurry of pink sapphires, aquamarines and pristine diamonds with a distinctive hexagonal setting is the hero piece of the hour. 

The Clair de Lune ring with a unique shape, playfully tricking the eye, allows light to bounce from every facet. Set with white diamonds, sapphires, chocolate coloured diamonds or rubies – options are seemingly endless.

Andrew's Satellite, which sets a halo of bright white diamonds around a captivating gemstone, balanced with a lone diamond are crafted using a variety of gemstones, proving to be a versatile choice.

Not one to pre-empt a special occasion (!) Geoghegan's engagement collection incorporates a bubbling stream of fine, intricately cut diamonds set on the Cannelé des Cévennes and is designed to capture every change of light, a simple but beautifully bold ring.

There are a number of new pieces in the pipeline for 2017, adding to collections with new adaptations to well loved original designs.  

Geoghegan says that the "Chapiteau collection will definitely grow with focus on the duality and adaptability of the hexagonal shapes to create timeless design. Additionally, attention will be centred around developing the family in line with superb feedback and requests for new colourways and matching pieces."



Sarah Salmon


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