Seventh Generation Ironmonger Turned Jewellery Designer, Will Odell Launches New Cambré Collection

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Will Odell has launched a new collection ‘Cambré’ which takes its inspiration from the graceful movement of one of his favourite art forms: ballet.

Handmade in Will’s London studio using traditional techniques, the Cambré Collection features distinctive hammer-textured 18ct gold rings, earrings and pendants. Each piece is finished to the highest quality and set by master setters using superior gemstones including blue spinel, pink tourmaline and diamonds. Hero pieces include the eye-catching statement ring - ‘Swift Ring’ - an ideal alternative engagement ring or anniversary gift, and the graceful ‘Cascade Earrings’ which detaches into two different looks for both day and eveningwear (pictured right).

The collection takes its name from the classical ‘Cambré’ movement which is at the centre of almost any ballet piece – meaning to bend at the waist in any direction. As part of the design process, Will took inspiration from the fluid movement of ballerinas gliding across a stage with elegance and poise. These movements have been mirrored in the collection’s simple lines and shapes, with the resulting pieces curving and twisting to reflect the elegant and graceful ballet movements he observed.

35-year-old Will Odell has been hand-crafting gold and silver jewellery for over ten years, and comes from a long line of metalsmiths. The Odell family have been ironmongers for seven generations (since 1745), repairing and making all types of household, architectural and agricultural hardware. With a degree in Metalwork and Jewellery Design during which Will focused on blacksmithing, he eventually decided to channel his passion for designing and practical experience into luxury jewellery-making, establishing Will Odell Designs in 2007 

which evolved into fine jewellery in 2014.

In addition to the Cambré Collection, Will also has the ‘Medway Collection’ - inspired by Art Deco style, and ‘Dune Collection’ – which takes its source of inspiration from the imperfections in rock forms, as well as offering a bespoke service to collaboratively craft your own unique future heirloom. Will believes each item can be “an enduring pleasure, part of everyday life, beautiful – enjoyed for its clean lines, simple forms and tactile quality”. In his eyes, “purchasing a piece of jewellery is the start of a journey collecting different and unique pieces to treasure and ultimately pass on for others to appreciate”.

The new Will Odell Cambre Collection ranges from £1,200 to £10,000 and can be found in full online at,. Some of Will’s pieces can also be found at Tomfoolery in Muswell Hill and Kath Libbert in Bradford. His bespoke service starts from a four-week turnaround, with a £1,000 starting price. 


Rebecca van Rooijen


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