Marchmont Silversmithing Workshop day launch programme announced


Scottish Goldsmiths Trust announce line up for Marchmont launch

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To celebrate the opening of the Marchmont Silversmithing Workshops, the Scottish Goldsmiths Trust has created a day programme on the Saturday 25 March for silversmiths, collectors, curators and industry VIPs to include the formal opening of the workshop, talks, panel discussion and silversmithing demonstrations. Speakers will include Hugo Burge, Director of Marchmont Ventures and Lisa Koenigsberg, President of Initiatives in Art and Culture – New York. The day will offer a rich day of discussion and ample time to enjoy meeting and talking with fellow attendees. 

The Scottish Goldsmiths Trust (SGT) is establishing The Marchmont Silversmithing Workshop as a national centre where up to five silversmiths at a time can design and create stunning pieces from precious metals.

The workshop, created by SGT in partnership with Marchmont House (as part of their Creative Spaces) and with support from Marchmont Makers Foundation, will be publicly opened on 25 March, as part of the At Home with Silver Weekend.

A new home for silversmithing in Scotland aims to secure a thriving future for one of the country’s great and most ancient traditions.

DAY PROGRAMME Saturday 25 March 2023


09:30              Refreshments on Arrival

10:25               Welcome
Ebba Goring, Chief Executive of The Scottish Goldsmiths Trust

10:30               Marchmont: A new home to makers and creators
                        Hugo Burge, Director of Marchmont Ventures

10:45               The Power of Craft in a Transformational Age
                         How previous movements inform the future of culture

                        Lisa Koenigsberg, President & Founder of Initiatives in Art and Culture NYC

11:15                Refreshments

11:30                The Marchmont Silversmithing Workshop: A New Home for Silversmiths
                        Ebba Goring, Chief Executive of The Scottish Goldsmiths Trust

11:45                The Fifth Bench: International Residency at the Marchmont Silversmithing
                         Workshop: Creativity, Collaboration and Community

                       Professor Sandra Wilson, University of Dundee; Andean silversmithing,
                       Endangered Material Knowledge Programme of the British Museum.

                      We welcome Gabriela Andrade and Fernando Buitron from Ecuador - the first
                       residencies at Marchmont, with residency supported by the Marchmont Makers
                       Foundation and travel to Scotland made possible by The Silver Society.

11:55               Silver in Contemporary Life
                        Panel Discussion moderated by Corinne Julius, Critic & Applied Arts Journalist

                       Bryony Knox, Silversmith & Trustee of The Scottish Goldsmiths Trust
                       Sheng Zhang, Silversmith
                       Colin Fraser, Consultant Silver Specialist, Lyon & Turnbull
                       Anna Gordon, Head of Department, Silversmithing and Jewellery Design at The
                       Glasgow School of Art

12:45              Buffet Lunch and sign-up for afternoon activities


14:00              The Marchmont Silversmithing Workshop Formal Opening Ceremony
                       Hugo Burge will cut the ribbon and formally open the workshop.

14:15                Afternoon Activities
                        An informal afternoon of fun activities for silversmiths and visitors. Visitors
                        will be divided into small groups and invited to take part in activities.

                        Silversmithing Workshop Tour: Meet the Marchmont Makers
                       Guided tour of the workshop, meet the silversmiths and watch demonstrations.

                        Raising of a Silver Community Bowl: Marchmont Silversmithing Workshop
                       All visitors are invited to take part in raising from a flat sheet of recycled
                        silver, a ‘Community Bowl’.

                         Refreshments will be available in the Common Room

                        Group Discussion: Sustainability and ethical working practices for silversmiths
                        An opportunity to take part in a practical discussion about steps you can
                        take as a silversmith to make your business more sustainable and what it
                       means for your business with Dr Karen Westland.

16:30              Refreshments

17:00              Day end and transport to Berwick-upon-Tweed Station



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