Schmuckmuseum releases specially commissioned calendar


Schmuckmuseum’s 2019 wall calendar goes on sale

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The photographer ISA Planck has taken a selection of historical gems from the collection of the Jewellery Museum Pforzheim and placed them on today's people, in everyday attire.

A selection of these images is now available as a wall calendar for 2019. With their recordings, Planck explores the effect of the individual gems on people of modern multicultural society - completely free of the conventions that were associated with the wearing of historical jewellery.

It is striking how sovereign and of course the gems come into their own. Their strong aura enchanted both the people with whom they were allowed to return to 'real' life for a brief moment, as well as the photographer, who brings out the characteristics of the jewellery, as if it were not a question of whether they are contemporary or not.

The idea for this project comes from the art historian Martina Eberspächer, the selection of jewellery met museum director Cornelie Holzach. She was also in the studio recordings and put the precious pieces to the models. “This work was extremely exciting and quite exciting - after all, we usually show our objects only in showcases. But thanks to the prudence of all those involved and such precautionary measures as a thick carpet, everything ran smoothly,” recalls the jewellery expert.

Some of the pictures could already be seen in 2017 in the exhibition ‘Must-sees - Jewellery in Art’. In addition to the portraits, there are also detailed pictures of the objects with explanatory short texts.

The calendar is available for €22 in the shop of the jewellery museum, more retail outlets are available in bookshops.

In addition, a pocket-sized notebook with typography elements of the calendar and a postcard set with the twelve calendar motifs, both of which are sold at a price of €12 each, are published in the museum shop.


Rebecca van Rooijen


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