Sarah Ho's stone-led designs debuts at Bergdorf Goodman this month


Sarah Ho Partners with Bergdorf Goodman to Showcase her High Jewellery Designs Publicly for the First Time

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After recently opening a jewellery showroom in London's Mayfair, Sarah Ho already has her sights set on the Big Apple. This month, she will debut at Bergdorf Goodman to show her designs to the public for the first time. 

Usually sold by private appointment or luxury exhibitions, Sarah's designs are available to all to view in a retail setting for the first time ever.  


Known for her unique, feminine jewellery, Sarah often lets the stone lead the design. All of Sarah's stones are sourced responsibly and ethically, through charitable initiatives or recycling older pieces. Steering away from mass-production, Sarah instead creates a limited number of pieces, creating an air of exclusivity and uniqueness. She says “My customers love that I always have new designs, usually from discovering a new important stone that has inspired me.”

Particularly fond of pearls, Sarah sets these within contemporary motifs – whether it is rare blush pink conch pearls, antique natural pearls or gleaming South Sea and Tahitian varieties – Sarah’s passion for this gem is apparent across her designs. Her designs also feature coloured gemstones, diamonds and bold enamelling, alongside intricate design details, such as lacework. 

Sarah Ho's collection will be available to purchase from the Jewelry Salon at Bergdorf Goodman from 18th September, with personal appearances from the designer on the 18th, 19th & 20th. 


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