Royal favourite Claudia Bradby launches new collection


Royal favourite Claudia Bradby launches new collection

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Just ahead of Prince Harry's wedding to Megan Markle, jewellery designer Claudia Bradby, who is a personal friend to Britain's hottest young royals has launched a brand new collection which includes a 'mother and baby' pendant designed in collaboration with the HRH Duchess of Cambridge.

For Bradby, whose ITN News anchor husband Tom scooped the official royal engagement interview with William and Kate back in 2010, 'Personalise' marks a shift in focus since this is her first customisable collection, aimed principally at gift purchasers.

It comprises a series of silver and pearl charms, made from sterling silver and coated in rhodium, which can be mixed and matched by customers to create a bespoke piece brimming with sentimental value.

But it is the Mother & Child Pendant, launched to mark the recent royal birth, that could make the collection go viral as the world's appetite for the British Royal Family becomes ever more insatiable.

Designed in conjunction with Kate Middleton, as she was then, when the young royal was working at Junior Jigsaw. the necklace features a solid silver nugget which is sold with an accompanying pearl charm in a choice of colours.

And it lends itself easily to additions. As more babies join a family, more pearl charms can be added and if Kate wears a Mother & Child Pendant, then who knows which of the young high profile brides will follow in her steps with sister Pippa, Megan and Princess Eugenie all likely to be seeking customisable pieces in years to come.

"It seemed fitting that, ten-years on from the original design, we use the same nugget in this necklace, timed to coincide with this happy event," Brady said on her website. 

"We’ve been delighted to note that Kate and her sister, Pippa, have been spotted wearing a number of pieces from our collections in the years since.   

“As a mum of three myself I was so happy for William and Kate when they announced that she was expecting again and wanted to mark it in some way. There is nothing as meaningful to a mother as a gift that reminds her of her children and the customisable element of this necklace means that it can have special significance for all mums, and can be added to as a family grows.” 

“Customers tell us that they enjoy giving our jewellery as gifts, in particular the World Is Your Oyster range which is a sentiment with such resonance.

"With this selection of charms it’s possible to create a special gift with much more meaning than an off-the-shelf piece, making them ideal for marking special occasions from birthdays and anniversaries to graduations or christenings.”

The Personalise Collection is supplied with a custom display stand for the charms and there is a gift card explaining the history behind the design to accompany the Mother & Child Pendants.  RRP prices start from £20 for the pearl charms.  


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