Wagner Preziosen partners with Rolls Royce


Rolls Royce "Cullinan" and Wagner Preziosen

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Wagner Preziosen the Berlin based jewellery house was recently selected to partner with Rolls Royce in an exclusive photoshoot for the new Rolls Royce Magazine.

The new SUV "Cullinan" will be launched this autumn and at the same time the new Rolls Royce Magazine will be released, and the article featuring exclusive jewellery marries the luxury brand and its new accompanying publication.

With a feminine accent, Rolls Royce wanted to include a piece of jewellery for the photoshoot which was of high quality, classical but also novel, chic and modern.

The Wagner Preziosen ‘Rainbow Paisley’ was the successfully selected piece to feature. Deniz Saylan, photographer, who specialises in portraits of artists, politicians and economic leaders as well as automobiles for most luxury brands, skilfully composed images of both car and jewellery.

All Rolls Royce customers in German speaking countries will receive a copy of the magazine.


Rebecca van Rooijen


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