RJC Re-Certifies Betts Metal Sales


RJC Re-Certifies Betts Metal Sales

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RJC announced today that Betts Metal Sales has achieved Certification against the 2013 Code of Practices (COP) at its retail outlets in Birmingham. 

“It is a pleasure to announce Betts Metal Sales has been certified against the 2013 COP. The provisions under the 2013 COP address important issues for our Members and their supply chain. We are delighted to see Members achieving Certification against the standard and warmly congratulate Betts Metal Sales,” says Andrew Bone, RJC’s Executive Director.

The successful verification assessment was led by Peter Warbrick from SGS United Kingdom Limited, one of the independent third-party auditing firms accredited by the RJC.

“Betts Metal Sales are delighted to have attained RJC Re-Certification for three years as we take pride in our responsible business practices. The Betts family has been serving the jewellery industry for over 250 years and are committed to offer a true 21st century service proposition, whilst retaining our core 18th century values of integrity, service and quality. These are also the core values we adopt when selecting our supply partners,” says Karen Martin, Operations Director, Betts Metal Sales.

To find out more, please visit: www.responsiblejewellery.com


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