Reservoir create limited edition timepiece to celebrate Coupe des Alpes Partnership


Reservoir, official watch partner of the 2019 Coupe des Alpes, create 30 limited edition timepieces

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To celebrate the 30th anniversary of the legendary Coupe des Alpes, Reservoir have created a special limited edition timepiece that embodies the unique charm and character of classic racing cars of days gone by. 

This year, for the first time, Reservoir are the official watch partner for the legendary automotive event, which takes place between the 13th-15th June. To mark the occasion, a limited edition watch, based on the Supercharge Red Zone model will be available in a limited run of just 30. Its retrograde minute and jumping hour at the counter are reminiscent of classic car tachometer. 


It displays a retrograde minute in 10-notch, the Coupe des Alpes logo and a commemorative engraving on the case bach. It is proposed with a strap designed specifically with Camille Fournet, in black alligator red stitch and red rubberised calfskin leather. The retrograde minute at 240 degrees on Reservoir timepieces recalls the R.P.M. counters, the manometers and the depth gauges. The jumping hour recalls mileage meters and the power reserve display echoes the fuel and oil gauges. Precision, exactitude and reliability: this is all about measuring time, delivering performance and assessing risk factors.


Jessica Green


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