Aisha Baker's 'Talkin' Talk' collection is an ode to the Power of Words


Read our Lips: Aisha Baker’s Follow up Collection will get People ‘Talkin’ Talk’

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Jewellery brand Aisha Baker, which launched in 2017 turned heads with its fairy-tale themed wearable art jewellery. Worn by the likes of Ellie Goulding, the ‘Mirror, Mirror’ collection dealt with fairy tales through a rainbow of technicolour. The elaborate masterpieces were a love-letter to the stories we heard in our youth, of princesses, castles in the sky and love at first sight. 

“Once upon a time, we were told that fairy tales were real. That wardrobes were portals and at the end of a long sleep, someone charming and handsome would be there to save us. With nothing but our imagination at the helm, we slipped in and out of enchanted worlds. And then we grew up.”

The theme of this latest collection, Talkin’ Talk, is testimony to the ‘power of words’. If ‘Mirror, Mirror’ was a tribute to youth, ‘Talkin’ Talk’ is a tribute to adolescence and adulthood. 

With age comes wisdom, learnt wisdom imparted through words. They morph and change in meaning as we grow, in age and as people.

Colour still features strongly within the collection, with motifs of red, pink, blue, green and yellow featuring strongly. The blue in particular has evolved from the tiffany, Cinderella-esque blue featured in ‘Mirror, Mirror’, maturing into a deeper, royal azure.

The ‘Chit Chat’ ring, signifying a retro spiral telephone wire, those that are prominent in romantic films and teen-dramas, is nostalgic for adolescent chatter- “a time when we could speak on the phone for hours, imagining our lives as fairy tales.” A clever use of the wire, a physical connection to the phone absent in todays landlines and mobiles, that kept us chained to the conversation, instead of wandering into modern distractions. 

The ‘Blink’ earrings are slightly different- they speak to emotional intelligence, and pertinently, the absence of words. Baker describes:

“The Blink earrings are a tribute to those rare and beautiful moments in life, where you meet someone and can read through their eyes with no need for words. A rainbow of happy tears to celebrate magical and meaningful connections”

Those connections made in adulthood which are based not on superficiality, but a meeting of souls. An unspoken understanding of shared experience. White diamond, mother of pearl and black onyx, emerald, blue sapphires, ruby, pink tourmaline and white topaz come together to communicate tis complexity. 

Light-heartedness can be found in the ‘Sweet Tooth’ ring, a mouth filled with diamonds with a single gold sweet-tooth. Created to celebrate ‘life’s many surprises’, it reminds us to savour the rare instances of sugary-sweetness in our lives.



Discover Aisha Baker’s ‘Talkin’ Talk’ collection here:


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