Designer Makers Targeted in Jewellery Raid


Raid On Design Maker Studios Results in Plea to Help Track Down Over 200 Pieces of Stock

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Last weekend, following a successful weekend-long Open Studios event at Cockpit Arts, Holborn, London, a jewellery workshop was targeted and broken into in the early hours of Sunday night /Monday morning and the occupants’ entire stock was stolen.

Ros Millar, Victoria Coleman and Alex Hammond had over 200 pieces of jewellery - stock, loose stones and bullion - stolen, wiping out any inventory they had in the run up to the Christmas selling period.

Minimal Damage Caused in Break-In
The culprits were not caught on CCVT, and managed to enter the building without causing any damage to main doors or entry points, despite outdoor locks being changed two weeks ago and the requirements for two keycode locks before entry onto the targeted corridor. It is believed that the raid took place between 10pm last Sunday evening and Monday at 8am when the break in was discovered.

Police forensics have swept the studio space, which was the only one targeted. Two other studios looked like they had been attempted to be broken into, but ultimately remained intact.

Plea to the Trade to Keep an Eye Out
Police are advising that it unlikely that any of the stock will be retrieved. However the three designer makers would like to place an alert out to industry and the trade in case pieces are submitted for smelting or re-sale. Some of the pieces, particularly Victoria Coleman's diamond pieces are quite recognisable.

The pieces stolen include all of those illustrated here, but also all the pieces that feature on Ros Millar’s website. In the raid, no tools were taken, the thieves were only interested in stones, metal and jewellery. 

Ros Millar said of the theft, “Our studio was broken into last night, sadly they took everything, years of investment, clients pieces and all our stock and anything of value, precious stones and metal. If anybody by any small chance sees our work being sold on line or anything like that please do get in contact. Police and forensics have done their thing but these situations are very difficult.”


Rebecca van Rooijen


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