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Positive Luxury Publish Latest Report on the Future of Jewellery and Watches

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“Crafted from infinitely recyclable materials and designed to be treasured and handed down through generations, fine jewellery and watches (known as ‘hard luxury’ products) should sit at the intersection of luxury and sustainability. However, opaque supply chains and unsustainable production processes have flourished beneath the industry’s opulent veneer. But the tide is changing. Like many industries, the impending climate crisis and changing consumer priorities are forcing hard luxury brands to reckon with their unsustainable actions and pursue planet-positive production along their entire supply chain. It’s estimated that by 2025, 20-30% of fine jewellery purchases will be somewhat influenced by sustainability considerations. Simultaneously, the inexorable rise of rental and resale is providing access to a wider range of consumers looking to enter the hard luxury market. In this report we will outline the main sustainability issues facing hard luxury and present a range of innovative solutions that organisations can use to create a more sustainable future – and a competitive advantage for their brand.”

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Since 2011 Positive Luxury has been helping organisations adapt to the new climate economy. We developed ESG+, a proprietary sustainability assessment for the luxury industry with a unique focus on innovation. Organisations that we certify receive the Butterfly Mark, a globally respected trust mark that is independent evidence of their positive impact on nature and society.



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