Prism Designs showcase opals at IJL


Opals given the spotlight at IJL by Prism Design

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Prism Design has announced the launch of a range of exciting new boulder opal designs for Milburn & Ley.

The boulder opals were mined by the company’s partners, Barbara and Edi of The Opal Cutter, Barbara has been mining since 1984 in Coober Pedy and more recently Koroit.

The close partnership means that Prism knows exactly where the opals have been sourced and that they have been responsibly mined.

The company admits that it is really excited to show its one-of-a kind designs set in gold and its comprehensive collection of loose boulder opals on offer.

Milburn & Ley, features multiple stone combinations set into bezel 9ct yellow and white gold rings, pendants and earrings offering unique and fascinating colour options.

Prism Design - Stand V100 at IJL 2019


Rebecca van Rooijen


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