Jewellerybox to offer split payment option for customers


Online retailer, Jewellerybox, launch split payment method for large orders

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Jewellerybox, the London based online jewellery store, have been all over our news pages recently. The company, whose mantra is to create fine jewellery at costume prices, have been making waves with their business model; which seems to be resembling popular fashion brands.

Earlier in the year, we saw Jewellerybox partner with the app regain, to offer customers discounts in exchange for recycling their clothes. And last month, released an International Women’s Day collection, where purchases were matched 1 to 1 with donations to women’s shelters throughout London. 

Keeping up with all the latest e-commerce trends, such as same-day delivery (within London), Jewellerybox is now offering the option for customers to split the cost of their order across three months with LendingWorks, for those who perhaps cannot wait for payday, or have a large amount of items that they wish to purchase for an occasion.

Managing Director Alex McMillan, 34, said “Our customers and their experience are at the centre of everything that we do as a brand, and we are always looking for ways that we can make things easier for our

customers. We all know what it is like when we are desperate to treat ourselves to something new, or have all the family birthdays in the same month, so we wanted to be able to offer an option to customers where they can purchase their items now but spread the cost of their purchases across three instalments.”

The retailer expects that with their products all being affordable, and well under the £50 minimum order value (orders must be between £50-£250 to be eligible for the retail loan), that this will not necessarily be the most popular payment option for those just wishing to buy one item for themselves, but forsee that during the Christmas period a large number of new and existing customers will opt to spread the cost of their purchases to save the dreaded post-Christmas hit.

With jewellerybox also seeing a large number of orders for bridesmaid gifts, they are expecting that the retail loan option will be popular with Brides-to-be who have a tight budget to stick to. The option to pay for an order across three instalments is set to also increase the retailers average basket value and make shopping with them even more accessible. 


Jessica Green


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