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Online boutique offers up animal themed jewellery sale

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An extravagant lion pendant by Van Cleef & Arpels from the 1970s, a rare 1950s mouse brooch or a pair of Edwardian bird earrings: for the first time, Collector Square features more than 30 bestiary pieces of jewellery, some signed, in an exceptional sale opening on 14 June.

The animal kingdom provides the worlds of art and jewellery with an endless source of inspiration. A pretext for all sorts of eccentricities, this imagery gives full rein to craftsmanship and creativity, posing technical and artistic challenges to jewellers as they expertly reproduce the engraved coats, tapered plumage and shimmering colours of the animal world. Whether fabled or traditional, the animal world has been a universal and emblematic theme of every great jewellery designers.

'This beautiful brooch-pendant from Van Cleef House & Arpels, depicting a lion's head, is typical of the exuberance of the 1970s', said Constance Lauvinerie, head of the Jewellery Department.

'Worked in the form of a large rose, the feline's features are detailed in twisted gold, enhanced with chrysoprases and onyx -  classic ornamental stones of the time. Animal imagery, a favourite theme of this brand, is depicted here in an extraordinary modern piece of jewellery.'

'The filigree, from the Italian filigrana meaning 'thread and granum grain', is a particularly delicate jewellery technique that reached its zenith in the late 19th century in Italy. This lovely pair of Oriental-inspired pendant earrings, stylising two birds holding lanterns, is a perfect example of the refinement of this skill, combining lightness and precision of execution.'

'The brooch is, by nature, the piece of jewellery that allows the freest form of creativity. This amusing mouse brooch with its prominent whiskers, composed of a chrysoprase and a ruby, is typical of English work of the 1950s, illustrating British ingenuity.' 

Founded by Nicolas Orlowski, CEO of the  Artcurial group, and Loïc Bocher, Collector Square has become, in four years, the European leader in the online sale of second-hand luxury goods with the widest range on the market: almost 10,000 luxury bags, watches and jewellery pieces, authenticated and shipped within 24 hours.


Rebecca van Rooijen


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